Discover why Smart Investors are Investing in InQubeta: The AI Altcoin


  • InQubeta (QUBE) is an AI altcoin that has been gaining attention from investors due to its innovative idea of fractional investments.
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) saw a surge in price on June 21 as it traded above $200, but has since experienced a slight decline in price.
  • Smart investors are investing in InQubeta’s utility token, QUBE, due to the potential profits associated with early investments in promising AI projects.

What Makes InQubeta Stand Out?

InQubeta is the world’s first crowdfunding platform built for AI businesses to raise capital as well as for investors to acquire interests in promising projects. Its marketplace will allow investors to invest in AI startups by purchasing fractionalized investment opportunities. This innovative idea eliminates investment limits while allowing ownership of fractions of AI startups. Additionally, the gains that come from being an investor and holder further bolster confidence in the project. For instance, as one of the fastest-growing industries, investors stand to gain ridiculously high profits by investing early in promising AI projects. To participate in the presale, you can click on the link below. It is currently in stage 1, and a token costs $0.00875.

Bitcoin Cash Experiences Significant Surge During Bitcoin’s Rally

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) came about from a hard fork in the blockchain, aimed at increasing the block size limit to make it more scalable by enabling cheaper and faster transactions. Bitcoin Cash’s (BCH) price movement has been largely unimpressive this year, as it hovered for the most part below $146. However, a price upturn on June 21 saw Bitcoin Cash trade above $200, although it has been experiencing a slight decline since then. Its rally came during Bitcoin’s (BTC) rally which shows its dependency on Bitcoin’s movements and directionality.

Why Investors Are Investing In InQubeta