Earn Passive Income with Bitcoin and BRC-20 Staking on OKX Wallet

• OKX Wallet is introducing a new open-source protocol called BRC-30 which enables staking of BRC-20 tokens and Bitcoin.
• The protocol allows users to earn passive income by staking their digital assets on Web3 Earn.
• OKX is committed to contributing to the growth of the wider Bitcoin ecosystem.

OKX Introduces BRC-30 Protocol

OKX Wallet, a leading Web3 company, today introduced its proposal for a new, open-source BRC-30 protocol that enables staking of BRC-20 tokens and Bitcoin in order to earn BRC-30 tokens. The protocol is open-source and available for all developers to build upon.

Staking Opportunities with OKX Wallet

OKX Wallet will add support for the BRC-30 standard according to the protocol, enabling users to earn passive income by staking BRC-20 tokens or Bitcoin on Web3 Earn without actively trading. This complements the existing range of curated DeFi earning products already available through the platform.

Commitment To Growth Of Bitcoin Ecosystem

The introduction of BRC-30 and its staking functionalities is driven by OKX’s goal to provide users with additional opportunities to participate in the Bitcoin ecosystem and earn passive income.

Other Innovations By OKX

OKX is a longstanding supporter of Bitcoin, having integrated the Lightning Network to its centralized exchange over two years ago. OKX Wallet is also the first multi-chain wallet to support BRC-20 trading with the launch of its Ordinals Marketplace, as well as the viewing and transfer of Bitcoin Ordinals.

„The System Needs A Rewrite“ Campaign

As a leader building innovative technology products, OKX believes in challenging the status quo ,and have recently launched a global brand campaign entitled „The System Needs A Rewrite“ which advocates for a new paradigm led by Web3 self managed tech.