Has Quantum Code appeared on television?

Currently, several rumours about Quantum Code are fuelling debate on the web. Here are the results of our investigation into these alleged affiliations.

Quantum Code Dragon’s Den

Quantum Code Review: Reliable Site or Not? There are rumours that the British show Dragon’s Den is endorsed to Quantum Code.

According to our investigation, this information is completely false. In fact, the founder and members of the show have clearly denied any affiliation of the TV show with this automated trading software.

Quantum Code Shark Tank
Quantum Code Review: Reliable Site or Not There have been wild rumors of an affiliation between Quantum Code and Shark Tank, a TV show. We have not been able to prove such claims. It may be misleading marketing.

Quantum Code This Morning

bitcoin loophole opinion this morningHere is another show that has been rightly or wrongly associated with Quantum Code. But our research shows that this is a pure invention of rogue marketers.

Quantum Code and celebrities

It cannot be said often enough that celebrities‘ images are often associated with products or services to sell them. Quantum Code has been associated with celebrities such as :

Richard Branson
bitcoin loophole opinion Richard BransonRichard Branson gives credence to the cryptocurrency market and more specifically to Bitcoin. Online content informs us that he uses Quantum Code to invest with the first cryptocurrency. This is patently false.

Lorenzo Jovanotti
bitcoin loophole review Lorenzo jovanottiLorenzo Jovanotti may be a financial investor, but we cannot accurately confirm that the Italian singer-songwriter is affiliated with Quantum Code.

Again, this is probably a misleading announcement aimed at strengthening the legitimacy of Quantum Code.

Gordon Ramsay
bitcoin loophole review gordon ramsayOnline claims that chef spends his time trading on Quantum Code than reading cookbooks. This information is false advertising just to attract readers and is not true.

Flavio Briatore
bitcoin loophole flavio briatore reviewAn online interview indicates that Flavio Briatore has become a Quantum Code customer in recent months. We are unable to confirm that the Italian millionaire entrepreneur’s words are his own, and that it is not in fact an interview written without his knowledge.

Marco Baldini
bitcoin loophole opinion marco baldiniAnother false report has circulated that Marco Baldini has regained his financial health after the financial crisis by using the crypto software Quantum Code. This is another false rumor that should not be considered.

Quantum Code: the verdict!

In our Quantum Code review, we found that comments about Quantum Code are divided: positive for many, mixed for others. On the one hand, we note that the crypto software guarantees huge gains, and on the other hand, some feel that it is an open-ended scam.

In our opinion, it is not obvious to confirm the earnings claims of this platform. And we believe that the supposed profits are exaggerated.

Keep in mind that investing in cryptocurrencies involves the risk of loss. If you want to start trading with Quantum Code, be aware that loss of capital is possible.